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PADI deep diver specialty

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Why choose us?

1) Luis and Chris are two instructors registered with the biggest association of diving instructors on the world - PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors)
Luis Lopes Carvalho instructor N° 309082
Christophe Jost instructor N° 309085

2) We are located in the Babylon sports club in Calle del Naranjo in the Seghers in Estepona, we have several pools. One is 2,5m deep and the other one 4m. We have also a class room and all the dive equipment. We also give personal tuition at home. If you have your own pool we will do it all at home.

3) We are on time.

 We give you more than just diving. If you are in a hurry, just go, we will clean all your equipment for you. Our dives are mostly planed on mornings so that if you have a family commitments or a party with your friends, don’t worry you will be on time to enjoy them.

4) We speak 5 different languages
- English
- Spanish
- Portuguese
- German
- French