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The PADI SEAL TEAM! The padi program for children!


The padi seal team program is the perfect way for the children to discover scuba diving.


Do your children feel like fishes in the pool?

Are they curious?

Do they want to learn something new and interesting having fun?

Then, the padi seal team is made for them! 


This program consist in 5 underwater missions that the team has to get successfully.

It means how to learn about scuba diving in a kind of game. A mission!

They will learn about the equipment, buddy work, teamwork, briefings, rules... having fun!


Safety above all!

1) maximum depth is 4 meters

2) NON STOP supervision from an instructor

3) adapted equipment for children


The price: 250 euros


Because of the attention we have to pay to the kids, it's necessary to book early enough to be able to organize everything correctly.

This activity only takes place in the pool.


How does it works?

5 tuitions, 2 hours each, maximum 2 tuitions per day, total time to complete the program, between 3 and 5 days.



To be 10 years old and to feel comfortable in the water.