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You're a diver but it's a long time ago about your last dive?

So the PADI refresher or review is made for you! 


Let's make a small update!

Come to us and we are gonna review all the diving skills from the PADI open water diver.

We will start in shallow water and finish in our four meter deep pool.


Do you remember? water in my mask, how do I have to do to equalize? No air, give me air and... what about your buoyancy?


Maybe you want to dive again or maybe you want to make a trip in a kind of paradise and you're thinking that you could do some nice dives there... but you're a bit rusty...

So call us, let's meet and let's do it with a lot of FUN!


How does it work?

1) 15 minutes about diving theory (if necessary or requested)

2) How to mount the equipment?

3) Demonstration, explanation and skills review in the pool

4) Debriefing


Price: 80 Euros



To be fit and to be a certified diver.