PADI deep diver specialty

deep diving specialty in estepona with lc scuba diving





PADI specialty course - Peak Performance Buoyancy 



The perfect control of your buoyancy makes you a different diver, a better diver! Staying in a neutral buoyancy is not that easy. PADI gives you the opportunity to control it like something natural. 


Why schould I do this specialty?

To decrease your air or enriched air NITROX consumption, to enjoy much more wreck diving and last but not least, to protect your equipment and the underwater flora. 

Also you will get a new PADI license as a buoyancy specialist diver.


How does the course work?

First, a briefing about weighting and adjustments. Some knowledge reviews than pool training in wich one you will learn streamlining, trim, balance and hovering. This PADI specialty finishes with a double Sea dive. 


How long does it takes?

2 days


Price: 229 euros


Prerequisites: To be a certified diver.


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