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PADI Specialty course - Enriched air EANx - NITROX 



The padi enriched air specialty better known as "NITROX" is one of the most interesting because you increase your bottom time, reduce surface interval and increase fun underwater!


NITROX is perfect and essential if you're on hollydays in a dive paradise or if you want to start with the padi specialties like deep diver or tech diver. Using nitrox you will do several dives per day every day taking full advantage of your licence!

In fact, the principle of nitrox is simple to understand. It's the nitrogene in your tank who makes buttom time. So if you reduce the percentage of nitrogene and increase the percentage of oxygene in your gas... you dive longer and get more diving for your money!


How does it works?

We dont dive during this course. It's all about theory. A session during wich one you will learn the vantages, the benefits, the protocols and procedures in enriched air diving NITROX. At the end of the course you will have a 25 questions exam. 


How long does it takes?

1 day


Price: 120 Euros


Enrollement conditions:

To be a certified diver.


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