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Where to do the PADI Divemaster course in Estepona?

You have done your PADI open water diver course, the advanced course too and the rescue but you want even more? You want to live from this passion? You want to be a PADI PRO! Then your next step is the PADI DIVEMASTER! This level is obligatory if you want to be an open water scuba instructor some day. The dive industry is continuously growing up. In the past, scuba diving was an activity for rich people but today it's a very affordable hobby. Scubadiving creates emotions, friendships and it's the perfect activity if you want to escape from a sometimes boring world. PADI means 950 000 diving licenses each year, 4300 dive centers in the world in more than 175 countries and still increasing!

PADI gives you the opportunity to learn something very exciting, to teach to the others, to make some new friends, to travel the world and to earn your money doing something you really like.


How does it works?

The course combines the theory part with the practical. The divemaster candidate has to learn the theory of scubadiving, the general standards and rules. He also has to learn about the diving equipment, how it works, the components, etc. He has to understand perfectly about human body in scubadiving because of the pressure that the divers are subjected. During the training you will learn to conduct, to manage some situations as a leader transmiting security and a confidencefull feeling to all.Combined to this, the candidate will have to make some practice in the pool and in the sea under supervision of the instructor. Step by step you will get self confidance, you will organise the dives, you will bring the divers on the spots and you will manage a diving day. Also you will participate with students to several padi courses as a teacher.Don't forget your personal physical training because of the swimming distances you will have to go through in a defined period of time. Are you ready?


How long does it takes?

Between 4 and 6 week of a relatively hard work.


The price: 780 Euros. (diving equipment not included)



- To be Padi advanced diver or similar

- To be Padi Rescue diver or similar

- To have done an Emergency First Response course in the last 24 month

- To get 40 dives

- To be 18 years old minimum

- To get a medical certificate authorizing the practice of scuba diving dated up to 12 months.



What can I do being Divemaster?

- To supervise and participate direct dives.

- To Assist and participate in all PADI courses and programs under the supervision of an instructor.

- To lead the program Skin diver

- To lead the Discover Local Diving program

- To lead the Scuba Review program

- To lead the Discover Scuba Diving program (only with the DSD leader extension)