Padi Deep diver specialty


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If you like the deep blue Sea, this padi specialty is made for you!

Some people want to increase their knowledge, to learn something new about their hobby, to improve diving techniques, to plan, to organize, etc... If you are this kind of person, then the padi deep diving specialty is definitely made for you!


Why going deeper?

1) to discover a new fauna and flora

2) For the challenge

3) The wrecks! This is the main reason why people want to go deeper


The padi deep diver specialty can't be dissociated from the padi enriched air NITROX specialty. We recommend to do the Nitrox specialty when doing the deep diver, another alternative is to do the dry suit specialty because deeper you go colder it will be.


The deep dive specialty is also concidered as the antechamber for padi specialties like SIDEMOUNT or TECH DIVING


At the end of this padi course you will be authorized to dive 40 meters deep! You will increase your diving knowledges, techniques and you will be certified as a deep diving specialist!


How does it works?

A knowledge review session (theory) and 4 dives


How long does it takes?

Between 2 and 3 days


Price: 260 Euros


Enrollement conditions:

To be min. 15 years old

To get an advanced diver certification


Don't hesitate to contact us if you need more information about our padi specialty courses enriched air nitrox, peak performance buoyancy...