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Discover here some reviews and testimonials about unknown people who posted on their blogs the beautiful and extraordinary sensation they felt doing what we call in scuba diving a "Try dive experience". Some of them were reticent including nervous but at the end... "it has been magic". A new world opened to them, they lived an amazing experience, exciting but also relaxing... they saw the other 70% of the planet!


 Published: May 17, 2014

"The experience left me feeling serene and mellowI was surprised to note that there was absolutely no gravitational pull. I was in awe of the sheer magnificence of it all and just wanted time to stand still. Underwater all I saw was clear-cut beauty..."


Written by Dev Published on December 2, 2016

"In less than 40 minutes of our first dive, I was sure that this is more surreal than any city, any town, any sunset, I’d ever seen in this life."