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Where to do your padi course in Etepona?

There is a before and an after the Padi rescue diver course! Learn how to recognize stress, anticipate potential problems and how to solve them before they get heavy. Learn to self rescue, to search and recover a diver in trouble and some techniques which make all the difference. After this course you will be able to handel critical situations, to take care about people while waiting for cavalery knowing that the job is well done. Gratifying and rewarding are the words who best represent the PADI Rescue diver level. This course is physicaly demanding but all divers are unanimous! It's the best and funniest course they have ever made! The EFR course is obligatory if you want to do the rescue beause of the RCP, Oxygen provider, primary and secondary care. 


How does the course work?

1) The theory part with homework, knowledge review and final exam.

2) Pool training.

3) Several accidents simulations.


How long does it takes?

3 days.


The price: 410 Euros

The price include all the material you need to accomplish the course like books, dvd, dive equipment, insurance, refreshment. 



To get the advanced open water diver (or similar), to be in good health and to get a maximum 24 month old medical certificate which allows you to practice scuba diving.