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PADI deep diver specialty

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The second step in scuba diving! This certification allows you to dive until 30 meters of depht. It's not a course it's a program. The difference between both is that there isn't a final exam in the padi advanced open water. You learned everything you had to learn about basic scuba diving when you did the padi open water course. This program is about 5 adventure dives. 2 of them are obligatory, the deep dive and the navigation dive, the rest is up to you! Underwater photography, enriched air NITROX, night dive, search and recovery dive, wreck dive... These dives are open doors to the padi specialties courses. They are like an introduction in something you are interested in or something you like and enjoy. If you really liked the navigation dive from your advanced program don't hesitate to enrol in this specialty to be a real expert in this matter.


How does the course work?

1) The theory part. You have to complete the 5 knowledge review at home.

2) 5 adventure dives 


How long does it takes?

Between 3 and 4 days. It depends on one person to another.


The price: 420 Euros

The price include all the material you need to accomplish the course like books, dvd, dive equipment, insurance, refreshment. 



To be 12 years old, to be in good health and to get a maximum 24 month old medical certificate which allows you to practice scuba diving.

If you don't have a certificate you can get one in Estepona.